21 Jan

The Declaration of Grievances was written and composed in July 2020 comprised of grievances organically taken from many people across our nation and compiled by M.W. Alexander with assistance and contributions from J. Needham and D. Alexander. The Declaration of Grievances outlines grievances submitted to our elected leaders under the 1st Amendment right to petition our elected leaders with those grievances. The additional Declaration of Grievances Papers outline actions to be taken if the grievances stated are not addressed or unheeded by our elected officials. A copy of the Declaration of Grievances and Declaration of Grievances Papers have been sent to the President of the United States, all the members of the U.S. Congress, and the Governors and state legislature leaders of all 50 States.

The Declaration of Grievances

To: The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, The Governors and state legislatures of all 50 states and U.S. Territories, the media companies, activist groups, and the administrators and faculty of our higher education colleges and universities:

From: The citizens of the United States

“The Declaration of Grievances from the People of these United States”

We, the People, of these United states of America, hereby inform the afore mentioned government officials and other august private and public entities of the these United States of America, that we are aggrieved in our status as American citizens and hereby notify said entities of this status. We list our grievances below that affirm our status and stand resolute in the actions we will undertake listed thereafter in response to these grievances if not rectified by the afore mentions entities. Per the First Amendment of Constitution of these United States we hereby proclaim this declaration a notification as the “right to petition our elected officials with our grievances”:

1. We, the People, of these United States will no longer accept the wanton destruction of statues, memorials, cultural icons of American history, or the destruction of any businesses and the livelihoods of American citizens, by enraged mob protests that are not protected by the 1st amendment. These lawless mobs ignore the rule of law and deprive all citizens of due process, equal protection under the law, the right to pursue commerce, and the right to exercise the freedoms of religion and expression. While we appreciate the recent actions of President Donald Trump to protect war memorials and monuments on Federal property, it does not do anything to save them on State, City or County property. We also understand the jurisdiction of the monuments on States, city and county properties are a matter for those entities. While we stand with those who are against police brutality and racism, the events of recent months have moved beyond these noble causes and degraded into an ongoing anarchical event. This tyrannical assemblage, by their unlawful actions of violence, destruction, secession, insurrection, political intimidation, and physical attacks of violence on all American citizens, denies we, the People, of these united States the constitutional freedoms of religion, speech and due process by their actions that impede the our exercise of the above-mentioned rights. These unlawful assemblages are not just targeting Confederate memorials, but memorials to; other veterans of all wars, Founding Fathers, Presidents, Abolitionists, Explorers from the Age of Exploration, museums, libraries, churches, graveyards, and cemetery’s in all regions of these United States. Destruction of private and public property is a crime in all states and the lack of enforcement, mainly at the direction of city leaders and those under them in law enforcement, has become an intolerable injustice to the citizens of these United States. This effort to remove monuments is only the most recent wave of an all-out assault on the Constitution and the identity of the American people. By delegitimizing historical figures due to their association with slavery in our history, these radical elements believe they can delegitimize the accomplishments of those men and women in our history. By using the Confederates involvement in slavery as a steppingstone to delegitimize the Founding Fathers, these Anti-Americans are then able to make the argument for delegitimizing the Constitution and the very foundation of these United States. This attack has been ongoing for 30 years in all our institutions both public and private. As we have learned in the past weeks and years, an attack on the representations of American history is an attack on the very concept of America itself. For all these violations of our protected Constitutional rights and freedoms, and this attack on the very identity of these United States, we are aggrieved in our status.

2. We, the People, of these United States are saddened by the actions by the Federal government in consideration of renaming the military bases named after the former Confederate generals breaks the many agreements and acts of reconciliation approved and supported by the United States government and the leaders of the former Confederate States of America. The abject omission, in our centers of education and public discourse, of these reconciliation efforts by the former Confederates to heal our broken nation, is a deliberate omission done to further the emasculation of American history, the Constitution, and American ideals and hurt our country. The removal of Confederate symbolism and history removes the many lessons of slavery, Jeffersonian principles of sovereign states, the right of revolution defined in the Declaration of Independence, and the many other aspects of the Constitutional and moral crisis that engulfed our country in Civil War. It also erases the evolution of humanity that our citizens underwent from viewing slavery as an economic institution to a moral atrocity. Those lessons, nor the reconciliation from the Civil war afterwards, must never be forgotten. Any effort at renaming of these military installations would nullify any spirit of said agreements of reconciliation accepted by both the Union and Confederacy. Those many actions of the former Confederate leaders in promoting reconciliation after the war in the effort to reunify our country, instead of continuing with a brutal guerilla war, earned them the right to honor and remembrance for such acts. This omission of the complete history by our learning institutions is a grievance addressed as well by this declaration in the following paragraphs. As many of these agreements for reconciliation have already been revoked and names of the bases are now being discussed to be removed, many feel they will no longer be bound by the actions of their ancestors to continue their acts of reconciliation with the United States Government. For this discriminatory act and violation of the reconciliation agreements that ended our country’s most costly war, we stand with them in their aggrieved status and committed to the actions stated in the Declaration Papers.

3. We, the People, of these United States accuse the States governors, mayors, and elected officials of the governments of the states, by your own actions, of dereliction of the duty of your offices and your oaths to the Constitutions of the United States and those of your respective states. As you, the state and local government officials, stood idly by and giving orders for law enforcement to do nothing, you have failed to protect the lives of your citizens, the exercise of their free speech, allowed violations of state laws in regards to destruction of property, and you have refused to prosecute those responsible for the afore mentioned crimes against; citizens, businesses, historical sites, and public and private property. For all these instances and others mentioned hereafter, we stand in an in aggrieved status with you, our elected officials.

4. We, the People, of these United States, admonish you, the media, of our great nation you and your colleagues, who are supposed to be the watchdogs of our republic for your blatant dishonesty to the American people. Your actions have been unjust and promoted an obscured rendition of the facts that has created a generation of poorly informed individuals with little knowledge of current events and the greatness of our country. The repeated negativity and inaccurate reporting from your agencies, based upon opinions rather than facts, continue to be a stain on the mantle of freedom in our country as the your entities blurring of facts with opinion and contributed greatly to the divisions in our country that exist today. Sensational journalism that does not produce the facts objectively is nothing more than activism and is intolerable in those claiming to be unbiased. Additionally, social media platforms have censored ideas and shut down pages for political views and values contrary to their management’s beliefs and opinions while allowing hate speech and harassment by others they agree with to go unchecked. Wanton claims of racism, xenophobia, bigotry, hate, and discrimination are repeated as if fact when none such items exists. It is said that our social media platforms have become nothing more than a battleground of “thoughtlessness and contempt for one’s fellow man.” We the American people agree. Due to the change of these noble principles of fair and honest reporting and no longer equal application of standards on social media platforms, oppressing those with different viewpoints, we stand in an aggrieved status. In truth and action censoring the very American ideals of equality and free speech, we have become more than aggrieved. We condemn all such involved in this anathema against the truth that is now our mainstream media and refute, rebuke, and condemn your actions. We stand aggrieved with the misled victims of your dishonesty and lack of integrity.

5. We, the People, of these United States hereby inform the many universities and colleges of higher learning of our aggrieved status for their abject failure to properly educate our children for the challenges of today. Institutions of learning that do not prepare the youth of our nation for today, ensure their failure tomorrow. For 30 years we have watched as the quality of education in our higher centers of learning has plummeted due to a shift in the ideology of teaching. A viewpoint of blaming the structure of American society as responsible for all the ills in life, rather than teaching the concept of individual responsibility and American exceptionalism to achieve the pursuit of happiness. We reject this academic ideology of acceptable mediocrity due to societal influences and demand that our children be taught the values of achievement and American exceptionalism. This opportunity for excellence must be available to all children of this country to excel as far as they desire for themselves in the pursuit of happiness as promised by the Constitution. Each year we see high school proficiency test scores in math, science, English, and social studies fall due these more liberal curriculum choices that do not educate our children but make them into moral activists. We see college students going into exorbitant debt for college degrees that pay poor salaries pushed onto our youth by these educational institutions, underwritten by the taxes of We the People. Academia has produced two generations of Anti-Americans that hate and despise America for its mistakes rather than loving America for its successes and progress it made from those costly mistakes. It is these American ideals and the many truths from our great history, deliberately ignored by teachers, administrators, and instructors, that have made our youth ignorant to the unending truth that these United States, since their inception in 1787, has helped to change the entire world into a better world society. As citizens of this country whose tax dollars support these institutions that have failed to educate the last two generations of American citizens, we stand with those in a most aggrieved status for this disservice to our country and to our children.

As these causes of grievance state, we will no longer tolerate this discrimination and oppression by the afore mentioned entities and inform said entities of the following violations to our Constitutional rights. Further explanations of these grievances are found in the Declaration of Grievance Papers below with said actions we will take if our grievances are not addressed and resolved. We stand resolute in our actions and will purse said actions until such time these grievances are all resolved.

The Declaration of Grievances Papers. 

Further explanations of each of the issues causing the writing of the Declaration of Grievance and actions in consequence if the grievances are not addressed by the government of these United States.

  1. 1. We, the people of these United States, demand and require, of the governments of these United States at the federal, state, and local levels of city and county, insist per the Constitution of these United States, the immediate cessation of all violent and destructive protests being allowed in our country today. We demand justice be brought against those that destroy public and private property and subsequently those engaged in these lawless actions be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We demand the right of due process for the monuments as they exist as expressions of speech by those American citizens in our past who placed them. We insist that historical documentation be produced that specifically proves that any monument under scrutiny is verified to have a nefarious purpose within our society toward minority communities before its removal. We challenge the popular revisionist narrative of the past 30 years to produce any documented proof that any certain monument was put up for this opinion of an intended nefarious purpose of intimidation. We challenge our elected leaders to demand this proof before considering the mob like demands of removal purposed by those not familiar with its history. We stand with the American people who do not want the monuments removed, yet our elected officials ignore their voices. The history of all our monuments and our country’s past has been tainted by 30 years of teaching a moral opinion of history rather than teaching the facts of history. “De facto” arguments and “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” opinions and historiography have been lauded by the revisionist historians today as fact when no facts exist to prove these opinions. In truth, these are only assumptions and not facts that riddle the intellect of our educational community today and because of their moral component are presented to the public to supersede any facts to the contrary or that disprove this opinion. This is an atrocity to the concept of truth, factual objectivity, equality, and fairness in this country. This intellectual dishonesty to the American people is a lie that has proliferated throughout our society, divided us a country, and is an abomination to the very concept of truth, equality, liberty, and due process. The rule of law is supreme in the Constitutional republic of these United States. Under jurisdiction of law, we demand the right of due process and evidence be brought forth to support this “narrative of implied oppression” before any other monument is removed. We demand to see and review original documentation that shows where it is stated specifically, in any certain monument’s purpose or papers, of this oppressive purpose. Outrage and “cancel culture” do not outweigh the facts nor does it override documentation giving exoneration in a society founded upon the rule of law.  We also demand that all monuments and memorials, Confederate or otherwise, of American history are to have federal legislation passed to supplement the current laws, to prevent their destruction in the future of this part of our culture and identity as a nation. This removal by destruction of such historical items is an act of cultural, political, and geographical discrimination that disenfranchises those meant to have the very protections the Constitution clearly defines. This is not just an attack on icons or memorials from our past but an attack on the country of these United States itself. If a city or state decides within the law that they wish to remove their statues, then a national conservatory for monuments needs to be created to place these removed monuments and memorials.  This will ensure that the history of our country may be forever preserved for the future education of our posterity and not foolishly destroyed in a fit of rage by mob violence, or times of civil unrest. As a solution we demand that legislation be drafted for a “National Conservatory for Wayward Monuments”, with all haste as the destruction to our country’s history is ongoing. We have a plan ready with many options to implement a conservatory as soon as one is approved by you, our government of these United States. In addition to these demands for preservation we also demand that June 19th be recognized as the national holiday for the end of slavery in our nation as well as a day of remembrance for December 6th, 1865 be dedicated. This date in December being the day when the 13th Amendment was ratified into law by all these United States. We also insist that a historical research commission be formed to investigate the history of black southerners of distinction from our county’s founding, Civil War and the end of slavery as well as the segregation era to be recognized and memorialized with statues in scope and breath equal to any statue or monument in the public forum today. Great men of vision and humanity from the African American community have long been ignored by this country and we will no longer tolerate their omission from their rightful place in history. These actions will insure that never again will our history suffer destruction by mobs and those who despise America and elevate those whose history has been ignored. We again insist on legislation that affords these mandates cited above and demand the protection of law to tell the complete the story of our American history.  If the mentioned government entities will not take action, we the aggrieved will take the actions necessary, as prescribed by the Constitution, to protect and defend our property, culture, and history with whatever force granted by said Constitution, is required to do so.

2. We  the people, demand that all actions by public, private, or government entities removing the Confederate culture and history from military installations, American history settings, public places, cemeteries and places of memorialization, cease immediately and be reinstalled as meanings of expression as these removals or bans, is in truth the very definition discrimination.  The actions of the government in renaming the military bases and a ban on Confederate images is also and abhorrent act betrayal of the reconciliation acts done in service to the Union by the former Confederates after the Civil War. These acts and bans only disenfranchise those who wish to display them and do not elevate anyone else or group in society with their removal. We will only accept bans in the military or other such places, if it is to be applied equally on all cultural items from any society, culture, or country. This however does not solve our aggrieved status from this discrimination that has already occurred and been observed. An apology from all commanding officers responsible for instituting the bans, along with retracting of the ban or equal application of it, is now necessary. The renaming of bases is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the people of these United States.  As one of the many acts of reconciliation between the Union and Confederacy and to help with recruiting people from the former Confederacy to fight for the U.S., these bases have become iconic in their history and purpose to the thousands of soldiers from the southern states who fought and died for the United States. The naming of these bases was for the noble actions and efforts of reconciliation by the former Confederates that they were honored with names of military bases for great contributions to that effort. More have served in the military from the southern states than any other region in the country. The Union knew that getting the sons and grandsons of the Confederates to fight the many wars to come in the future would require a gestures of inclusion and equality to have those sons and grandsons answer the call to war in the future. These sons and grandsons of Confederates did just that and helped win 2 world wars vs the oppression of fascism and all other wars these United States undertook since the Civil War. These bases along with the monuments were part of that effort of reconciliation and inclusion. Base names in many cases were chosen by the local populace as in the case of Ft. Benning. Others were named for a specific Confederate’s contributions after the war such as Ft. Hood.  Renaming the bases will in spirit dissolve all agreements of said reconciliation between the Union and Confederacy that reunified our country. These bases have grown beyond their original naming and because of that, should retain their names.  This is only another despicable act that is solely for the purpose of separation and to drive us further apart. We stand resolved with those descendants in these actions they will possibly undertake in response to this, discrimination, injustice, betrayal, and warn of these consequences to come. We lament that these acts may encourage those aggrieved to counsel their youth to no longer serve in the armed forces or allow their sons and daughters blood to be spilled in the wars yet to come that these United States feel must be fought. They may not promote a life of service to country and community because of a government that they feel has allowed them to be disparaged and discriminated against.  Those aggrieved may start protests outside military recruiting centers and inform those, who are considering serving our country, of how they felt unjust treatment and discrimination by the government they are considering serving. They will eventually start removing our American flags from the places of honor on their homes, withdraw their support from events, and give no support to a government, or its institutions, that they feel has forsaken them. Our country will lose the next two generations of patriotic Americans from the south to fight our wars if their grievances go unheeded. We will stand resolute and unified with them in these actions and decisions to come if the governments of these United States does not reverse their actions and continues to break the agreements of Civil war reconciliation promised by these United States.

3. We the People cry out to our federal, state, and local officials whose actions are derelict in their oaths of office the following actions listed hereafter will be taken until our aggrieved status is resolved. Your failures to address the real concerns of minorities and people of color communities has led us to this schism of morality that now falsely justifies the Marxist destruction of our American history based upon a broad moral principle incorrectly applied. This moral fallacy of pursuing a policy of “intolerance in the pursuit of tolerance” is an outgrowth of excuses for decades of failure in our inner cities by corrupt politicians that have taken advantage of the minority communities that reside there. Taking down the monuments of our history is nothing but a poor distraction by these corrupt leaders to make the people forget the poor record and repeated failures over the past 60 years to elevate the black community and all minorities since the Civil rights movement. The monuments and our history are not sacrificial lambs to be sacrificed as scraps to appease a mob that is outraged at their politicians repeated failures. Failures to the black community by the local, state, and federal government of these United States that can be traced all the way back to Reconstruction era. This lack of integrity is a disgrace that we will no longer tolerate from those in office who fail to elevate all members of all our communities from this moment forward. Due to this failure to produce progress for the American people over the past 60 years we demand and will work to implement term limits for all elected offices to prevent future corruption so wantonly displayed today by those too long in offices of power today. This violation of a most sacred trust between government and the people in allowing the lawless destruction of the businesses, workplaces, monuments, and other cultural sites dedicated to the soldiers of all America’s wars is an intolerable act by elected officials. The continued failures to address the economic opportunity needs of the minority populations by our elected leaders is ample evidence of a government that no longer cares for the people but stand as oppressive towards them. Thomas Jefferson once wrote that those too long in power, even in the best of government systems, will eventually grow corrupt. Government officials who do not faithfully execute their office as prescribed by the Constitution are in violation of that oath and are hereby condemned as derelict and corrupt in your respectable and august offices. Your violations of your oaths to the Constitution has contribute greatly to the suffering of the American people today. Those guilty of violating their oaths should resign immediately and we stand with all those mentioned in an aggrieved status.  In addition, we also demand of our elected officials that anti-trust laws be immediately invoked against the media and social media platforms that have for years silenced our free speech and oppressed our right of expression. Laws and penalties for those who take punitive measures against those expressing different opinions. Many people have been “doxed” for exercising their right of speech, and in many cases have lost their jobs, homes, and livelihood as retribution for exercising their right of speech and expression. We demand that this practice of “doxing” be made a federal crime as it impedes those said Constitutional rights. Protection from undue termination due to public opinion is also an issue that needs to be addressed in protecting workers from undue slander and libel based upon opinion. We demand protection for freedom of expression. We also demand that our higher education centers be reviewed, and federal funding removed from those institutions that have promoted discriminatory policies vs students and teachers, adopted speech codes, promoted segregation ideologies for isolation from society, and taught anti-history and cancel culture identity politics as legitimate fields of study. These institutions for the past 30 years have failed our youth with these ideologies and we demand the government of these United States take immediate action to bring these institutions back to their original path of objective and quality education not the ideological  indoctrination whose results are now destroying our country.  Furthermore, we will also no longer tolerate any political party who put forth candidates that stand silently while their constituents or campaign donors commit egregious acts of discrimination and destruction against America’s citizens. We will seek to remove those from power with our voice and our votes. No vote can you now consider assured if you are guilty of violating your oath as noted above. To those that have shown your commitment to our Constitution or word to your constituents is nothing more than an empty platitude, we shall remove you with our votes or the lack of our votes. We will no longer accept deals or legislation that is not clean and addresses the real problems in our society. We will no longer tolerate the destruction of our society for what is or is not “moral causes” based solely upon opinion and not fact. We demand that legislation be passed that will address issues that resolve these problems without further destruction of the cultural “road signs” of our country’s history that highlights its evolution of morality.  We will not give your campaigns any more money just because of which party you may belong to. We will actively look at other candidates and consider them carefully each time we vote or donate. Those who do not honor their oaths to the constitution or violate laws that allow the oppression of other’s Constitutional rights will hear our voices as we put forth these new candidates. We will now actively consider those who can primary incumbents for their lack of action and integrity. We will use all our will and effort to vote out any elected official who do not stand up for the rights of all Americans and addresses these wrongful acts in our society.

4. We the People, demand the media return to the standards of journalism requiring verification of any story to be confirmed by two independent sources. We will no longer tolerate your twisting of the truth and unfair treatment of others by your unfair reporting of those with disagreeing opinions. The media coverage of our government has been an insult to the very concept of fair reporting for the past 15 years.  Our society depends on a vigorous and unbiased media with integrity behind its reporting. Your coverage is to be non-bias and complete in its presentation, not favoring one side or another. Corrections will be published until complete saturation of the errors in society has been completed. Scaling back or complete separation of your opinion columns from your regular news reporting so that your readers can easily differentiate between opinion and factual news reports is a necessity due to your abuse of the right to a fair and free press. The actions of the mainstream media, media pundits, dubious fact checking sources, and endless amount of opinion editorials that infect our American society, has become toxic to our very existence as a free society. Due to this bias and unfair reporting of the facts, we are aggrieved.  Social media platforms and Google that have shown clear bias vs segments of the American people now act as a publisher rather than an open platform of information. These platforms have been reported to the Senate and House anti-trust committees and we demand action from said oversight committees and that these companies’ government protections that have allowed this censorship to be removed. We will no longer accept the censorship and discrimination by social media companies and internet companies. We claim an aggrieved status as our rights have unfairly been violated or removed simply by the expression of a different of opinion. We are bringing all our voices to bear upon our elected officials to expose this violation and social media’s attempt to justify discrimination and suppression of speech based upon their opinion and not our rule of law. We will continue these efforts until your media companies, or media outlets and social media companies, change their policies back to one of fairness and equality or are broken up, broken down, or removed from the public forum.

5. We, the People, stand aggrieved at our universities and colleges for it is your institutions who have aggrieved our society and done decades worth of damage to our children. Your institutions poor performance in educating our children are some of the most heinous grievances in these United States.  Starting 30 years ago with the implementation of speech codes on your campuses, to allowing “wokeness” and identity politics to be used as a weapons against free speech, to denying tenure to conservative instructors, or allowing an uneducated mob to unjustly slander educators for not bowing to the radical ideas and whimsical opinions of a constantly changing transient student population. These things that have occurred on your campuses, in properly educating our children, we are most aggrieved. Due to your direct culpability in all these occurrences you have given birth to a new wave of revisionism that promotes the concept of “cancel culture” and “anti-history” which at its core is what plagues our society today. Your actions and policies have made self-righteous hindsight an acceptable substitute for the facts and promoted this fallacy of historical revisionism based solely upon that moral opinion. Your institutions have created a generation of Anti-Americans who want nothing more than to destroy these United States.  We will no longer tolerate your omission of clear and undisputable facts regarding the history of our country, nor will we condone these standards of mediocrity for achievement or embrace this cancel culture criteria as legitimate. The omission of the great accomplishments of America and its people, and judging our society based solely upon its mistakes, is the ultimate act of insurrection and treason to the spirit and principles of American ideals done by your institutions. This ideology kills those very concepts for which all Americans hope for; to achieve and to be granted redemption when wrong. The ideal of redemption and striving each day to be better than one’s former self is the noblest of American ideals omitted by your revisionist curriculums.  Teaching the opinions of others rather than the facts, as well as teaching an assumption as fact, has robbed our youth of the objectivity of thought and ability to coherently understand society today and also society as it existed in our past or history. The mere fact that the Jeffersonian principles of self-governance and Anti-federalist concept of independent sovereign states, has not been taught in American history for decades, is proof of this betrayal by modern academia. History taught upon the facts and not historiography taught by revisionist historians can be the only cure in correcting the damage done to our children’s education today. Disparaging anti-history from revisionist historians and anti- Americans lacking in integrity will no longer be tolerated in our classrooms as only information based upon the facts of history and not someone’s opinion of those fact will be taught. Opinions of facts should be clearly noted as such in any instruction of our country to our children from here moving forward.  Buildings names or monuments on campuses that are removed should have the monetary donation equivalent returned to the descendants of those who paid, or donated for these items to be built, if said objects on campus are defaced or removed. Until fair and complete instruction is once again taught in our schools rather than this “new way of imagining” American history, we have no choice but to embark upon the following actions. We will lobby our elected officials to remove federal funding for these violations of our children’s constitutional rights due to the discrimination and unfair treatment based upon our cultural, racial, or ethnic diversity being excluded or banned from a federally funded entity. We will no longer make those large yearly donations to the university scholarship accounts. We will cease our support and acknowledgment of any affiliation with a university that kowtows to “intolerance in the name of tolerance” ideology or the “cancel culture” of others rather than the facts. We will insist on congressional oversight on all student loan applications and costs being charged to students and to taxpayers. We will insist on yearly audits at each university to verify how federal dollars are being used and what violations are being committed. Those of us with generations of our family attending your universities will no longer send future generations to attend and continue that family tradition. We will send our children to other universities that do not discriminate against others. We will not buy sports gear that goes to fund scholarships or support campus organizations with our time or monetary support. We demand that faculty and administrations teach the complete history of our nation objectively, without their personal moral opinions or their positive political affections for oppressive regimes in other countries. We demand that our history be taught without prejudice and without animosity toward others due to a difference of opinion. We will bring all our wills to bear to remove federal funding from those that have committed these acts.  As those who have been discriminated against, we urge you to return to your place of academic integrity and the vigorous pursuit of advancing the knowledge of future generations as we are resolved in our status as aggrieved and resolute on the actions we will take.

Know this you of all the afore mentioned parties cited as those responsible for our grievances that we the people, of these United States, do hereby declare that in the case these grievances are not considered and acted upon swiftly by said officials, we have little choice but to act upon these actions outlined in our Declaration of Grievances Papers. We believe in our Constitution and do whatever is necessary to protect it from all enemies, foreign or domestic. We will carry out these actions with the determination and will that has defined the American spirit since this great country was conceived in the Declaration of Independence.  We pray that common sense and the realization of the errors by those named in our Declaration will understand their mistakes and work toward a more equal society with liberty, justice, and equality for all as its goal.

The Declaration of Grievances and the Declaration of Grievances Papers were written by M.W. Alexander on behalf any of the American people who agree with any of the grievances listed. Composed with contributions and opinions given by: J. Needham and D. Alexander.