Our Mission

Our mission at Civil War Fact Check is to provide a repository of historically sound, factual, and trustworthy information on the War of 1861, otherwise known as the American Civil War, for the general public as well as journalists, authors, or anyone else looking for credible information on this turbulent time in American history. We accomplish this using an investigative process while maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout the entire process.

Who We Are

Civil War Fact Check is made up of a syndicate of independent historians, educators, and researchers, that provide an unbiased research narrative based on historical facts and a rigorous process. We utilize crowd sourcing, and leverage the talents of individuals with relevant expertise, to provide in-depth analysis on a large scope of topics related to The American Civil War. To safeguard the credibility of fact check, our contributors are required to cite primary sources, and to demonstrate ethical standards at the highest level in their investigative and public practices. Our contributors check the quality of the logic and reasoning of target topics, to analyze and expose flaws and rhetorical sensationalism. Any opinions expressed by Civil War Fact Check are those solely of the Editors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization they work for.

What We Do

Civil War Fact Check invites individuals with relevant expertise to analyze media articles and topics about the War of 1861, adding contextual information and highlighting factual inaccuracies and faulty reasoning where they exist, using primary evidence.  We call these analyses “Fact Checks”.

We provide feedback to editors, journalists, BLOG writers about the credibility of information published by their outlets or topic inquiries by writers. We provide a clearly stated summary of the writers’ comments which includes a credibility score based on accuracy, logic, objectivity, and factual precision—giving readers an overall guide to the historic credibility of the article.

All fact checks are archived on our sites, creating a useful resource for anyone to easily compare and contrast the credibility of different news sources, and promoting the most reliable sources of information and insightful journalism.

Privacy Policy

Civil War Fact Check’s Privacy Policy informs users about the types of information that are collected and recorded and how the information is used. You can view our full statement HERE.

Terms Of Service

Civil War Fact Check’s Terms of Service explains our copyright, linking to third party web sites, indemnification, disclaimer, and limitation of liability policies. You can view our full statement HERE.