Civil War Fact Check‘s contributors verify that the press articles, independent BLOGS, videos and topics submitted are consistent with the latest historical sources. We aim to provide useful feedback to authors and the general public. Contributors are asked to respect the following standards and guidelines when commenting:

Editors and Fact Checkers

Our contributors take responsibility for the quality of the comments they make. We understand YOU, the audience, may not have a background in history. When annotating or replying to annotations, we comment on the content, rather than on the author’s intentions or political views. We do not ignore reasonable and well-supported questions. We do ignore questions that are poorly informed, that misrepresent others, or that are built on poor logic. We do not attack writers nor we will respond to them.

The Investigative Process

Our fact checkers perform a detailed investigation on every claim. They review whether facts, if any providedare accurate in the topic or article. Explanations are scrutinized for interpretation and understanding of the facts provided or in the absence of. We look for a lack of context and cherry-picking in the claim. Does the writer overstate the confidence in a claim as conclusive while its not? Sources are reviewed. Does the writer provide adequate support for the claim? Are primary sources used to draw a correct conclusion? Does the writer use imprecise language in describing the claim? In all fact checks, our editors check the logic and reasoning to analyze and expose logical flaws and radical sensationalism in the article or topic.


To maintain our contributors protection each is given a pen name. The current political and cultural climate requires us to take such measures because of the constant threat of doxxing by Neo-Unionists, Antifia, Black Lives Matter or other Lone Wolves.

The Fact Check

Once the investigation process is complete, a fact check is created. The fact check is the final verdict which our editors give to claims. It includes the following:

  • Source of the Topic
  • The Claim
  • The Verdict Badges
  • Fact Check Details
  • The Editor’s Verdict Review
  • Fact Checkers Feedback (If there is one. If not, the editor acted as a fact-checker.)
  • References supporting the Review