Civil War Fact Check tags it’s verdicts with badges, based on suggestions by the those individuals contributing to the review. ONLY ONE badge is selected for the final verdict. Verdict badges are rated on a scale of credibility which include the following:

If the claim is a statement of fact, it is tagged as “Verdict: Accurate and Very High Credibility” when it describes a historical observation in a way that is consistent with available information and does not leave out any relevant elements of context. If the claim is an explanation (a theory) of the causes of an observation, it is deemed “Verdict: Correct and Very High Credibility” when it has been well tested in studies and observations that are confirmed by other contributors.

An explanation is tagged “Verdict Mostly Correct and High Credibility” if it presents a theory that is well reviewed in studies, but its formulation in the claim might overstate the confidence historians actually have in the theory or slightly distort what can be predicted based on the theory.

A “Neutral” verdict is given to a claim if it leaves out important information and tagged “Verdict: Lacks Context and Neutral Credibility”. “Verdict: Imprecise and Neutral Credibility” verdicts uses ill-defined terms or lacks specifics so that one cannot unambiguously know what is meant without making additional unstated assumptions. Tags used in this category:   

A claim is deemed of “Low” credibility when it is made without backing from an adequate reference or if the available evidence does not support the statement (tagged as “Verdict: Unsupported and Low Credibility”). If a claim contains an element of truth but leaves the reader with a false understanding of reality, for instance by omitting critical background context, it would be tagged as “Verdict: Misleading and Low Credibility”.

A claim is deemed of “Very Low” credibility when it is clearly wrong—for instance, if it makes a statement of fact in direct contradiction with available data (tagged as “Verdict: Inaccurate and Very Low Credibility”), or if it provides an explanation or a theory whose predictions have been invalidated (tagged as “Verdict: Incorrect and Very Low Credibility”). If the claim offers no facts or logic to back their argument, it will be tagged “Verdict: Flawed Reasoning and Very Low Credibility”. Tags used in this category: